Graphic sign system PICTOS

Our most awarded collection

Contemporary design signage series with wide range of items permitting the signage of practically any environment, not just that associated with the bath-room.

Easy fitment. Due to its fixing method: a strong backing adhesive supplied with each piece, each is ready to be fixed to any smooth surface.

Several may be positioned together in a line, horizontally or vertically, forming rectangles or squares. This facilities signage of various messages en masse, especially those indicating movement

Emergency and fire signage system is now included in the PICTOS series and completes a wide range of icons especially designed for interiors.

The PICTOS project includes a complete alphabet and number sequence. The signs are self-adhesive and fabricated in stainless steel or laser-cut methacrylate.


Pictos: 84 x 84 mm / 168×168 mm

Numbers: 56 x 84 mm / 112 x 168 mm

Letters: 56 x 84 mm / 112 x 168 mm


Nacho Lavernia and Alberto Cienfuegos