Diseñadores de SANICO Nacho Lavernia Y Alberto Cienfuegos

A design studio situated in Valencia. Their work is focused on projects both in industrial and graphic design in all their various forms (editorial, corporate identity, packaging, web sites, etc…)

The studio was founded in 1995 by Nacho Lavernia (Valencia 1950). Previously, he had been part of the design collective LA NAVE from 1984 to 1989.Nacho Lavernia was president of the Association of Designers of Valencia (ADCV) and of the Spanish Federation of Design Associations (FESAD).

In 2000, Alberto Cienfuegos (Granada 1972) who was part of the studio since its foundation, became a partner with the role of creative director on industrial and graphic design projects.

Their projects have been recognized through awards both national, such as LAUS (1986/97/98), DELTA (2003/09) and AEPD (2006), and international, such as TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence (2005/07), Design Plus (2005/07) and Interior Innovation Award (2011)
and The Dieline (2010) and Interior Innovation (2011).

Both of them have have been professors at the University of Valencia.

They have taken part in several national and international exhibitions and conferences, and their work can be found in a great number of specialist publications.

In 2007 they were included in Taschen’s book Design Now!, an in-depth exploration of contemporary design collecting the latest works by 90 of the world’s leading designers.